Canada’s Best Managed Companies

best managed company

We are delighted to announce that the Napoleon Group of Companies has been awarded the prestigious title of being one of “Canada’s Best Managed Companies” for 2013. The “Canada’s Best Managed Companies” designation is a recognizable stamp of excellence for Canadian owned and managed companies.

Last fall we were approached by CIBC World Markets to participate in this program. They, along with Deloitte, The National Post, Queens School of Business and the CEO Forum are all sponsors. They evaluate hundreds of companies, of which 250 are selected as finalists and only 50 are awarded the “best managed” designation each year by a select group of independent judges.

They assign each company two coaches; ours were from CIBC World Markets and Deloitte who worked with us in preparing our application for submission.

What does it take to be the BEST?
(i.e.: What do the judges look for in each company’s application?)
  • Best Managed companies successfully preserve the founder’s original vision, core values, and philosophies. They also maintain a sense of ‘family culture’ as the company grows.
  • The owners of Best Managed companies are highly strategic. They hire a strong and talented group of senior management to run the day-to-day operations of the business so they can focus on strategy.
  • Given a smaller pool of resources (people, money and time), Best Managed companies are laser-focused in leveraging and improving core competencies, rather than developing new ones.
  • Best Managed companies believe exceptional customer relationships are the foundation for solid growth. As a result, Best Managed companies spend a lot of time understanding their clients’ current and future needs.
  • Best Managed companies use financial and qualitative metrics to measure success. These metrics are shared with the management team of the organization.
  • Best Managed companies foster a culture of team work. Associates across all functions collaborate to share ideas and work together more efficiently and effectively, resulting in competitive advantage when speed to market is a critical factor.
  • Best Managed companies spend substantial time and money to hire the right people. Each new Associate must have an incremental skill set and be a fit for the team and corporate culture.
  • Best Managed companies set challenging, yet achievable goals to stimulate and engage their Associates. As a result, both personal and corporate objectives are achieved through collaborative efforts.
  • Best Managed companies value their Associates and provide them with flexible compensation packages, including monetary and non-monetary compensation.
  • Best Managed companies are active and loyal to the communities in which they work. They are generous with both their time and money.